LEVEL 3 | Dental Materials and Advanced Restorative Techniques

"I’ve been making the F.O.S.A in my practice for the past couple of years. Now, not a week goes by that I don’t start at least one F.O.S.A. I find these appliances to be the “true magic” in dentistry. It still amazes me to see what a profound impact it creates in my patients ….. and on my bottom line.”

Amir Haghshenas, DDS, Los Gatos, California

“I have been a student in the F.A.C.E program for this past year. (2005-06) The techniques taught in this curriculum have become my "bread and butter". They are taught by experienced , personable and competent instructors who practice everything that is taught. …. I have never experienced this level of commitment and excellence in continuing education.”

Tom Tinney, DDS, Elk Grove, California